Hi, I’m Phillip Hedayatnia

I’m an entrepreneur, user experience designer and strategist from Cleveland, OH., now living in San Francisco and Houston. I build and design products that aim to unleash the entrepreneurial and creative potential in people.

I believe (strongly) that the rise of the information age can lead to one of two ends: either a really positive one, where people can easily find ways to exercise their passions and join communities that excite and satisfy them, or a really negative one, where such immobility and inefficiency coupled with the rise of automation and high-efficiency production leaves millions (or even billions) with a severely diminished quality of life.

In 2016, I co-founded a hiring software company called Solver Labs to develop the technologies necessary to revolutionize the hiring process, using variables based on soft skills, creative skills, and critical thinking skills and machine learning.

I have also worked for organizations like Wildfire Education, the Miller Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Liu Idea Lab for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on developing curriculum and educator resources for K12 and higher ed to encourage entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation among students.


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Published on March 12, 2017